Add value to the 2019 Advanced Imaging Conference through membership in the AIC Digital Library

Over three intensive days at AIC’s Advanced Imaging Conference you will be exposed to the latest imaging tools and techniques all intended to further your enjoyment of our unique hobby.

HOWEVER, we want the investment in time and dollars you make to experience the conference to extend far beyond the conference weekend. To this end we follow up the conference with a no-cost benefit that no other astronomy conference offers – THE AIC DIGITAL LIBRARY. What is the AIC Digital Library? AIC professionally records all presentations and makes them available to conference attendees at no charge shortly after the conference ends. You will no longer experience what we all remember from school. The messages are crystal clear until we get home. Then “What was that key point made by the instructor”?

Our digital videos and accompanying presentation materials that we produced after the 2015 and 2017 Advanced Imaging Conference and made available to conference attendees helped keep the conference living and breathing long after the Sunday close.

PLEASE NOTE: If you did not attend our 2017 conference, as soon as you register for the 2019 conference we will put you in a learning frame-of-mind by giving you membership in the Digital Library that gives you full access to the video content from the 2017 conference.

Please visit our Conference introduction page, learn about AIC 2019, register, attend the conference and enjoy the extended value the AIC Digital Library experience will provide.