Speaker Presentation Running Time (hh:mm)
Adam Block Through the Looking Gas 00:40
Adam Block Secrets of PixInsight 01:30
Nico Carver Mastering the Blend 00:49
Wanda Conde Equipment and Imaging Solutions 01:11
Russ Croman AI for Astrophotography 01:00
Bob Denny Hubble Award Recipient Lecture 01:04
Dr. Dirk Froebrich Hunting Outbursting Young Stars 01:10
John Hayes Secrets of Long Focal Length Imaging 01:20
Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn Mastering MilkyWay Processing 01:21
Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn Worldwide Landscape Astrophotography 01:39
Trevor Jones Evolution of a Backyard Astronomer 01:12
Peter Jenkins Processing Narrowband Images 01:10
Warren Keller Wavelets for Sharpening and Smoothing 01:15
Harry Krantz A Sky Full of Satellites: Implications and Solutions 00:41
Dr. Phil Plait The Art of Science  ... and Vice Versa 01:00
Jon Talbot New Generation CMOS Technology 01:16
Simon Tang Getting Started in Astrophotography 01:05
Sean Walker Near Space: Imaging Solar System Objects 01:20
General Assembly Prizes 00:35