Andy Galasso

Amateur astrophotographer, remote imager, and astronomy software developer


Optimizing Guiding with PHD2
Andy will discuss optimizing guiding with PHD2, the popular open source guiding program for beginning and advanced astrophotographers.

Andy images remotely from his home in Massachusetts using two telescopes in his fully automated roll off observatory located under dark skies in New Mexico. Andy is the maintainer of the Open PHD Guiding project which develops and supports PHD2. He also created ansvr, plate solving software that allows imaging applications like SGP, ACP and others to use the plate solving engine locally on a Windows computer without an internet connection.

Andy will be joined by Bruce Waddington, his colleague and fellow collaborator on PHD2. Bruce has been imaging since 2005 and working on PHD2 since 2013.

Open PHD Guiding (PHD2)

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