Jim Moronski

Electrical Engineer, designer of CCD and CMOS cameras


The Path from CCD to CMOS
CMOS sensors are displacing the longstanding CCD as the sensor of choice in many applications. While CMOS sensors are a reasonable alternative to the CCD, they are not “drop-in” replacements.

Understanding the differences between the two technologies will allow for the astrophotogrpaher-imager to weigh the benefits and trade-offs of each.

Jim was one of the founding owners of Finger Lakes Instrumentation (FLI), which has recently been acquired by IDEX Health and Science. Throughout his career with FLI, he participated in the design of the ProLine and MicroLine series of cameras, focusers, and filter wheels.

With IDEX, he is general manager of the Binghamton, New York office, and he continues to design imaging solutions and various motion products for both the life science and astronomy markets.