Alex McConahay

Astrophotographer, author, and expert user of Sequence Generator Pro


SGP: Catch the Photons While Catching Your ZZZZZ's
Alex will discuss the use of Sequence Generator Pro (SGP), which controls equipment to easily acquire lights, darks, flats, and bias images. He will also discuss Sequence Generator Pro’s mosaic creation capability.

Alex’s first experience as an astronomer was as a 7-year old looking at Saturn through the Zeiss 12" refractor at Griffith Observatory in the 1950s. His first telescope was an 80 mm refractor, which he purchased in 1986 to view Halley’s comet. He discovered star parties while viewing Comet Hayakutake in 1995.

He began attending the Riverside Astronomical Society meetings in Southern California and the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference (RTMC), where he exhibited two hand-built telescopes, and was the recipient of an RTMC Merit Award. At the Riverside Astronomical Society, Alex has been a member of the Board of Trustees and has served for 4 years as its president, having previously been its Vice President, newsletter editor, and star party coordinator. While president, he helped establish the Riverside Astro Imaging Group, the Riverside Astro Imaging Workshop (RAW), and the Nightfall Imaging Workshop. He also helped establish the Astro Imaging Channel (TAIC) on Google+. He also has earned the status of Master Observer from the Astronomical League.

Alex is a very experienced user of Sequence Generator Pro, which he uses to control his own equipment when taking images, and he's authored a book on the subject for Springer Nature.

Alex is a retired school teacher and administrator and world traveler (50 states and 115 countries) who lives in Moreno Valley, California.

You can see Alex’s images at